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A Whole New Look with THOMAS SABO Ear Jackets

Every woman loves a nice pair of stud earrings to complete her outfit. There is no denying that a pair of sparkly, shiny earrings adds a beautiful glow to the face, always making other people wonder what it is that makes her look different. However, plain stud earrings can be boring over time especially if you wear them on every occasion.

The good news is that there is a whole new fashion trend in earrings that transforms your plain old studs into edgier, more chic jewelleries! These are the ear jackets, or earring accessories designed to wrap around the earlobe, adding more character to your stud earrings—and you.

THOMAS SABO Ear Jackets—A New Fashion Statement

THOMAS SABO ear jackets are quickly becoming a popular fashion style because of their versatility and beauty. Even famous celebrities like Rihanna use ear jackets to complement either casual attire or glamorous outfit. Because THOMAS SABO ear jackets often come in gold and Sterling silver, they are perfect for dinner nights and other formal occasions. Thankfully, these ear jackets also come in many designs, so a more casual look may still be achieved by choosing the right one.

Tips in Finding the Right THOMAS SABO Ear Jackets for You

THOMAS SABO not only cares about your look, but also makes sure that you get high quality ear jackets that do not fade and make your skin itch. Usually, stainless steel, Sterling silver, and high karat gold are the appropriate materials for ear jackets because they do not cause dermatitis. Our THOMAS SABO ear jackets are made of 925 Sterling Silver which guarantees not only a long-lasting sparkle to your jewellery but also your itch-free skin!

Our Sterling Silver collection is perfect for a formal night out or dinner with friends. They can also be worn in your office daily. For a more romantic look, opt for the gold ear jackets and pair with your gold studs. But if you want to appear more casual and adopt a rebellious, rocker chic look, THOMAS SABO offers the skull design.

Shop for your own THOMAS SABO ear jackets now, and become a constant head-turner right away