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Signet Rings: Still A Fashion Staple After All These Years

Signet rings have existed long before the creation of the Bible. Historical personalities, popes through the centuries, and even the celebrated playwright William Shakespeare wore signet rings.

Dignified men in the old days always had signet rings on their finger as a mark of their social standing. The jewellery designed with the family crest was an accessory that men of power and wealth needed for signing and stamping important documents.

Today, however, the signet ring is a fashion staple. Though it no longer serves its original purpose, it still denotes nobility and high status for anyone who wears this piece.

Signet Rings Never Went Out Of Style

In the 19th century, signet rings continued to be immensely popular as an heirloom piece that fathers traditionally handed down to their sons. By the 20th century, however, the ring eventually transcended the lines, as women also became adopters of this men’s jewellery.

The People's Princess, Lady Diana, often wore signet rings when she attended events in the 1980s and until her death. The daughter-in-law she never met, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and her sister Pippa, are sometimes photographed with understated gold signet rings on their fingers.

Signet rings today are must-have accessories for every famous athlete, rapper, or billionaire DJ. If you follow the entertainment scene and red carpet events, some celebrity always seems to have a signet ring on his or her fingers. It makes such a strong statement piece.

Signet Rings Have A Modern Twist

High born or not, anyone who loves jewellery and fashion wears a signet ring today. Millennials have, in fact, given signet rings their modern and personalised interpretations.

Crafted in different materials – from resin to gold, to platinum – the custom-made pieces don't always have those intricate crests anymore. Rather, you'll find signet rings with complicated engraved initials, Asian texts, a birthstone, a playful emoji, or any symbol that represents the one wearing the piece. Some even wear the ring flat and without any design or stone.

There's no right or wrong way to design a signet ring and it's also not hard to find a jeweller who can customise the piece for you. Experts say that signet rings should be worn on the pinkie or the smallest finger on your non-dominant hand. However, as with the design, it's really a matter of preference.