March Birthstone - Aquamarine

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March Birthstone: The Water of the Sea

With its intense blue colour, the aquamarine got its name from the Latin word aqua marinus, which literally means “water of the sea.” This is the gemstone most often associated with the sea. Looking at the March birthstone will truly remind you of the cool gentle waves splashing across the soft sand. The sailors of old wore the March birthstone on their bodies to guarantee safe voyage and prevent seasickness.

The Historical Significance of the March Birthstone

As the birthstone for people born in March, this stone was believed to have the power to revive the love between married couples whose passion for each other has long gone. Its importance became even more pronounced as death from poisoning spread out among royalty across Europe during the late 1300s. The discovery that this March birthstone helped protect the human body from many forms of poison increased the demand for it all the more.

The Great Qualities of the March Birthstone

Today, its quiet, understated charm has made it a favourite among women to be used in engagement and wedding rings and other pieces of jewellery. Another reason to wear aquamarine is if you are getting married, as it is said to bring good luck to the bride. Not only that, you can also use your aquamarine jewellery as “something blue” to wear on your wedding day. This just goes to show how much worth is placed on things that are quiet and unassuming.

The March birthstone has its roots from the Beryl family of gemstones. It also comes in other colours such as light blue, aqua blue, and blue green. Unlike other gemstones, the aquamarine is almost always free from inclusions, which is why its clarity is one of its endearing qualities. It scores a 7.5 in the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which makes this gemstone hard. Its tough exterior prevents any scratches and dinks. Almost all of the aquamarines in the market have been heat-treated in order to remove undesirable elements.

Where to Shop for March Birthstone Jewellery

The March gemstone is a perennial favourite among jewellery designers all over the world. Its cool blue tone complements all skin types, outfits, and seasons – making it a versatile piece of accessory that can be worn no matter what the occasion is.

Whether or not this is your birthstone, aquamarine jewellery is a great way to set off an outfit. Shop now at Ice Online Australia for authentic aquamarine jewellery to score great savings!