January Birthstone - Garnet

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The Benefits of Wearing Your January Birthstone

The January birthstone, garnet, has a rich history dating back to the ancient Roman times, where rich personages would often have garnet gemstones made into signet rings. They used their garnet rings to stamp the wax they used to seal important letters and documents.

Garnet stems from the word garanatus, which in Latin means “seed-like.” This term was given to the stone in reference to pomegranates in the sense that garnets, especially the small ones, look like pomegranate seeds.

January birthday celebrants associate themselves with this gemstone. This vivid, intensely-hued gemstone comes in a variety of colours, the most famous of which is garnet red. The most rare garnet will have to be the blue garnet, which is also the most expensive.

The Healing Properties of the January Birthstone

Garnet is believed to have healing properties which makes this January birthstone one of the most sought-after. It helps relieve the body from blood deficiency-related diseases by stimulating a healthy flow of the bloodstream. It can help prevent inflammation and haemorrhaging. It has been said that this stone also has aphrodisiac properties and stimulates sexuality and passion.

The 4 Cs of the January Birthstone

A garnet’s colour should be intense and saturated. When choosing a setting for your January birthstone ring, choose a setting that really allows the light to shine through the stone to be able to see its true colour. The clarity of the garnets you choose will depend entirely on the type of garnet it is. So for instance, red-coloured garnets such as rhodolite and alamandine will not usually have visible inclusions. On the other hand, there are orange garnets like spessartine and hessonite that have inclusions visible to the eye.

Most garnets are cut into standard shapes and sizes which make it easy for jewellers to place them in settings. Garnets can come in all shapes and sizes – this fact is especially important to keep in mind since it affects their carat weight. For instance, tsavorite and demantoid are rarely available in large sizes so their value goes up dramatically as their weight increases. Garnets such as almandine are often found in larger sizes so their value is not often affected by size.

The intense colour of the garnet, as well as its healing properties, makes this January birthstone one of the popular gems to use for engagement and wedding rings. Shop at Ice Online Australia now for a wide range of garnet jewellery!