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Add A Touch Of Glam To Your Outfit With A Classic Gold Bangle

Bracelets and bangles add a touch of glamour to a woman's hands, more so if they are made of gold. Wrist charmers are often re-sizeable, making them excellent gifts for her.

Bangles and bracelets are designed to withstand daily usage so you can wear them all day, all night. There are plenty of arm ornament styles to choose from: gold plated or solid gold, half-round or flat, tubular, or expanding. Gold bangles are available in 18 carat, 22 carat, and 24 carat specifications.

Classic Golf Gold Bangle

A classic "golf" bangle is one that is fully round and encloses your wrist. Traditional golf bangles are made of hollow tubes with thick walls of solid metal. Their tubular design makes them super lightweight even with a wider and thicker circumference.

Many girls start wearing golf bangles at an early age and then have them resized as they grow older. Silver or gold bangles can be worn with any outfit on any day of the week.

Today, the term "golf bangle" not only refers to hollow round bangles but to their solid versions as well. Round bangles that are made of solid gold or solid silver are also called "solid round" bangles. A jeweller can add charms or stones or engrave the surface by hand or laser.

Solid Gold Bangle

The most luxurious type of bangle is one that is made of solid gold. Because it takes a lot of gold to make a completely round and solid bangle, this accessory can be quite expensive. Solid gold bangles do not fade or dent with normal wear and tear.

Many parents invest in a solid gold bangle as the first piece of jewellery for their baby. A solid gold bangle can be resized as the child grows. The process involves cutting and soldering a section into the bangle. An adult size solid gold bangle is considered a lifetime bangle. Available in 14 carat, 18 carat, or higher, solid bangles can be polished to look good as new.

Tubular Gold Bangle

Tubular gold bangles are more affordable because they do not require as much gold as solid bangles. They are often made with 9-carat gold exterior and a hollow middle. Their tubular design makes it difficult to resize them without creating a "flat" spot. Most tubular gold bangles are passed off to a younger sibling or stored as keepsake when the child outgrows them.

Because hollow gold bangles are lighter in weight, they may pick up little dints upon impact. These dints are left as is, creating a unique story for each bangle.

Plated Gold Bangle

These timeless solid bangles are ready to wear. They are available in set widths and sizes but are easy to replace. Plated golf bangles are not made of real gold. The metal plating will eventually wear off.

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